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Choice of Catheter



  • Medwest: I.V. Cannula with wings and FLIP Type port (Long Bevel)
  • Wellcath : I.V. Cannula without injection port without wings
  • Wellcath Alpha : I.V. Cannula with wings without injection port
  • Wellcath Plus : I.V. Cannula with injection port with wings
  • Wellcath X-Plus : I.V. Cannula with injection port with suturable wings
  • Wellneo : I.V. Cannula with small wings without injection port
  • Vaccess: IV Cannula with wings and Port
  • Purfect Cath: IV Cannula with wings and Port (PUR Catheter)
  • Pencath : I.V Cannula without wings without injection port, round bodied
  • Pencath Plus : I.V Cannula without wings without injection port, pen like pack

All models above with Catheter


Size Color Int./Ext. Length Water Flow rate
    (Ø in mm) (in mm) (in ml./min)
14 G Orange 1.72/2.1 45 280

16 G Grey 1.3/1.8 45 200

17 G White 1.15/1.5 45 130

18 G Green 0.95/1.30 45 95

20 G Pink 0.75/1.1 32 61

22 G Blue 0.6/0.9 25 36

24 G Yellow 0.48/0.72 19 20

26 G Violet 0.44/0.60 19 13

"Shorter length available on demand"

  • Cath Purfect
  • Purfect Plus
  • Purfect X Plus
  • Alfa Purfect
  • Neo Purfect
  • Pencath Purfect
  • Purfect Safe
  • Purfect Safe Alfa
  • Purfect Safe Plus
  • Purfect Safe X Plus
  • Purfect Safe Pen
  • Purfect Safe Pen Plus

The first Non metallic IV Catheters were made of PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) tubing. PTFE, being a physiologically inert material makes it ideal for medical applications. The major drawback is that it is stiff and not easy to process as it is not a thermo plastic elastomer. Over the years PTFE has been gradually replaced by other flouro polymers such as FEP and ETFE. These being thermo plastic elastomers, are easy to process and and at the same time posses the advantageous properties of PTFE.

The latest generation of IV Catheter tubing materials is TPE-U (Thermoplastic Elastomer Urethane) also known as PUR (Polyurethane). Today the market accepts PUR as the most desirable material for patient comfort for its following major advantages:

1. Softens “in vivo” Gives an overall better comfort to the patient.

  • The body temperature increases the temperature in the tubing making it softer.
  • The moisture/liquid from the body functions as a plasticizer making it softer.

2. Less or no migration of additives.

3. Less reported cases of thrombophlebitis.

It is the inherent properties of PUR that give it the merits it has and at the same time make it a manufacturers nightmare. The material being sensitive to temperature and moisture, makes it difficult to both extrude and process at the time of assembly. This hydroscopic property escalates in tropical climates where humidity is high. High humidity and temperature soften the catheter material reducing its mechanical strength and stiffness making it harder to penetrate. It indeed takes a lot of skill on the manufacturing end to overcome these hurdles. However, the merits outnumber the demerits as the market continues to favour PUR over any other material. Over the years of our experience in handling medical tubing , we have mastered the techniques for minimizing potential problems by way of special developmental efforts made on improvising the material properties as well as handling techniques. Thus, the market demands and we deliver.

Active Safety
  • Wellsafe
  • Wellsafe Plus
  • Wellsafe X Plus
  • Wellsafe Alfa
  • Wellsafe Pen
  • Wellsafe Penplus
  • PURfect Safe
  • PURfect Safe Plus
  • PURfect Safe X Plus
  • PURfect Safe Alfa
  • PURfect Safe Pen
  • PURfect Safe Pen Plus

1. Designed to cover needle on extraction and protect from causing acciendental needlr prick injury.

2. Design offers instantaneous flash of blood in the catheter to indicate correct vein puncture before blood reaches conventional Flash Back Chamber.

3. Works on conventional vein puncture procedure.

Passive Safety

Needle cover designed to securely fit on needle hub before disposal of Needle to prevent needle prick injury.


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