Anaesthesia - Welltrach Endotracheal Tube with/without Cuff (Ref . 8004 , 8004 C)

  1. Sturdy Medical Grade PVC tube designed to keep the respiratory tract of the patient open during general anaesthesia.
  2. Provided with convenient distance and depth marks to indicate distance between the distal end and mouth/nose of the patient.
  3. Radio Opaque line provided for Radiological determination of position of the tube.
  4. Smooth finish Murphy Eye and Smooth Beveled Distal end provided for ensuring trauma free intubation.
  5. Available in size 2 to 11 MM ID with standard OD in steps of 0.5MM.
  6. Tube with cuff. (Ref : 8004C)
  7. Non Return Valve in Pilot Balloon designed for quick release as well as for avoiding leakage from inflation line. (Ref : 8004C)

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